tinerant Resources will partner with a gold exploration/production company. The real interest in the Montezuma licence lies not in what has been done but what has not been done. It seems that systematic exploration has hardly begun with over 1,000 ha unexplored. Itinerant Resources _ Gold and Mineral Explorer focused on Zimbabwe

Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors and senior management of Itinerant Resources Plc are committed to acting responsibly, ethically and with high standards of integrity in their aim to achieve shareholder value.

The Board has developed and adopted corporate governance policies that incorporate systems of control and accountability as the basis for the proper administration of corporate governance.

The Board is responsible for providing strategic direction for the Company and guiding management in the execution of this strategy for the benefit of shareholders.

The Company has two directors currently Peter Walsh and Maurice O’Brien. Mr. O’Brien also serves as Chief Executive Officer on an interim basis pending finalisation of our development plans.

Board members possess complementary business disciplines and experience aligned with the Company’s objectives.

Itinerant Resources Plc and Tinker Mining (Private) Ltd will strengthen its respective board by appointing additional directors and other key executive personnel in line with operational requirements and financial capability.

Subject to the new appointments being made the Board considers the composition to be satisfactory and realistic under the present circumstances.